ben c should date me I’d compensate his unnatural amount of hotness and happiness with my bad mood and ugly face 


john + outfits

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anatomy study of tatoo!lock in bee lingerie

blame aconissa and her bee kink posts for this 

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Sherlock Holmes: I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.
Jim Moriarty: Oh, but we both know that’s not quite true.

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the city is my church

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This is the latest anti-Semitic/ racist salute. It was first claimed to be anti Zionist but has escalated to anti-Jewry and anti-semitism all around. If you see anyone doing this salute called the/a “Quenelle” swiftly punch them in the face, scold them, whatever you feel like, just recognize that this is a symbol of hatred!

Please be careful guys (esp. Jewish, queer, or disabled people, or people of color.) I’ve seen Neo-Nazis do this, and they can be really dangerous groups of people to be around.

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Mycroft Holmes: mirrors & smoke reflections

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Okay everyone. Do you see this?

Do you see these two words?

They do not mean the same thing.

Can we all decide to stop using “gay” as a synonym for bisexual, since they’re completely different things? Bisexuality is not the same concept as homosexuality, nor is it a subset of it.

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people say bisexuals are greedy but ive never met anyone greedier than a straight man

just came back from the pre-beginning of college meeting and I have one hundred books to read, two thousand films to watch and no money

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